Small Business OnLine® Fee Schedule

Service Monthly Fee
Unlimited Online Bill Payment No charge for all accounts excluding BB&T Fundamentals Account*

*BB&T Fundamentals Accounts are consumer/retail accounts. A $4 per statement cycle fee is charged when any Online Bill Payment is made from a BB&T Fundamentals Account. Fees only incurred in months in which a bill payment is made. Payments to BB&T accounts do not incur a fee.

Premium Service Monthly Fee
Add Manage Users $5.00
Add ACH & Wire $15.00
Add Manage Users with ACH & Wire $17.00
QuickBooks $14.95
Quicken $9.95

Transaction Fee Per Transaction
Stop Pay $34.00
ACH Payment - Federal Tax $3.00
Other ACH Payments:
  • Direct Deposit (per recipient)
  • Business-to-Business
  • Business-to-Consumer
ACH Payment - Return $3.00
ACH Payment - Notification of Change $2.00
Domestic Wire Transfer $15.00
International Wire Transfer $30.00
Returned Domestic Wire Transfer $8.00
Returned International Wire Transfer $18.00
Book Transfer Fee $12.00