Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about the program? We've composed a list of answers to some of the most common questions about our Leadership Development Program.


How do I apply for the Leadership Development Program?

Applications are accepted throughout the year for the January and July LDP sessions. You can create a profile and apply for the Program online. Just search by job title: Leadership Development Program Associate.

What can I expect from the LDP interview process?

We conduct a thorough interview process. You'll have the chance to learn about us and are encouraged to ask questions about BB&T and the LDP. We'll also want to discover more about you to assess your fit for the Program. Visit Hiring Process to learn more.

What if I am not selected for the LDP?

If you are not contacted by a recruiter or receive a declination for the LDP, we encourage you to check our career center for other opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Does BB&T sponsor H1-B Visa applicants?

No, we do not sponsor H1-B Visa applicants for the LDP. Candidates must be eligible to work in the United States on a full-time basis without sponsorship.

Is the LDP a paid position?

Yes. Associates receive a competitive salary as well as a flexible benefits package.

Will I need to relocate?

Yes. The LDP is based in Winston-Salem, N.C. at the BB&T University. Although there will be some travel associated with on-the-job training during the Program, Associates must secure their own housing in the Winston-Salem area for the duration of the training. In most cases, BB&T will provide a relocation benefit for the Program as well as the move after graduation to your initial assignment.


To learn about living in Winston-Salem, go to and

Is diversity a priority to BB&T?

Yes. BB&T strives to create career opportunities for all our dedicated employees. We believe that honoring, respecting and leveraging the talents of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences is a competitive advantage and critical to our success.


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Do Associates with undergraduate degrees participate in the same LDP as those with graduate degrees?

Yes, and this is done very deliberately. Nearly every assignment in the Bank requires working on a team, typically consisting of members with varied backgrounds and experiences. The very challenging curriculum covers a wide range of topics during the Program, including concepts specific to BB&T, banking and each Associate’s initial assignment. Associates discover that, regardless of their level of education, they each bring a different area of expertise to the table.

What areas of study are offered through the LDP?

There are two career tracks: Business Banking and Corporate concentration.Your training will be specific to the career track, and will prepare you for a position within that concentration.

How and when do I select my career concentration?

Career concentrations are selected before an offer of employment can be extended. The LDP recruiting team will work with you in a consultative manner to determine the best fit for you based on your unique preferences and skills.

How many Associates participate in each class of the LDP?

The number of Associates changes with each class based on the Bank's needs. This helps to ensure each graduate has a meaningful and challenging initial assignment.

After the LDP, where will my initial assignment be located?

The location of your initial assignment after graduation from the Program will be determined based upon your career concentration and the needs of the Bank. That is why we require every candidate be open to relocation.

What is the "typical" career path for a graduate of the LDP?

Each graduate's career path may be different than that of their peers. BB&T is committed to retaining the industry's top talent, and most graduates will work in several different lines-of-business, and multiple locations, throughout their careers.

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