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Business Banking

A typical day is spent in the classroom at the BB&T University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our blended learning approach includes instruction from internal facilitators, senior and executive management and outside professionals. You'll have the opportunity to develop your skills in a classroom-style setting, through individual case studies and on-the-job training.

We offer two LDP sessions each year in January and July. Each 10-month training program comprises four successive phases. Phase one is 10 weeks in duration and includes subject matter areas such as BB&T culture and values, the banking industry and leadership and self-awareness. In phase two, you'll spend four weeks learning core financial concepts and our credit and underwriting standards. Phase three includes 28 weeks of training consisting of skills development and on-the-job training in your chosen career concentration. In the final phase of the program, you'll apply your knowledge and skills in a capstone banking simulation.

Success in the program is measured based on academic performance and observed behavior relative to leadership, engagement and interpersonal dynamics.

Career Concentrations

Candidates participate in one of two career tracks: Business Banking or Corporate functions. LDP Associates collectively participate in the first two phases of training. In Phase 3, your training will be based on your concentration, and the focus of your learning will be to prepare you to assume a specific role within that concentration.

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