Locator Help

This locator tool helps you find BB&T mortgage loan professionals in the United States. By entering your search location and selecting from the criteria, the locator will provide a map and/or a text listing of up to 25 of the closest mortgage loan professionals matching your criteria. If the locator cannot find a mortgage loan professional near your search location, you will have the option to click New Search or Revise Search to further refine your search.
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Quick Search Instructions

Enter a valid ZIP and click Search.

Search Instructions

1. To find a local mortgage professional, enter a Street Address or nearby Intersection, City and State, or Zip Code. You must enter either a City and State, Zip Code or a BB&T mortgage professional's first and/or last name for the search to complete successfully. 2. Click Search to continue.

Search Hints

If the system is unable to process your request, please consider the following options:

  • Search on ZIP/postal code only
  • Use the specific street address
  • Spell out any street abbreviations. Include 'North', 'South', 'East', or 'West' with address as appropriate
  • For better results, use complete words instead of abbreviations, such as State Highway 249 instead of SH 249.
  • Remove the house or building number from the street address to generate a list of alternate addresses and then choose the closest location from the list
  • Remove the street address and submit your search with only city and state

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