Lighthouse Projects

Team: BB&T employees in Winston-Salem, NC
Organization: Ronald McDonald House

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Team: Community Bank employees in Raleigh County, WV
Organization: Pine Haven Homeless Shelter

Managed by the Raleigh County Community Action Association, the Pine Haven Homeless Shelter is the largest in the state of West Virginia. With 150 bends, the shelter welcomes and provides lodging and other services to anyone who is homeless or without income.

Impact: The team provided $3,000 to replace the playground equipment and install new rubber mulch. The playground provides many benefits. It helps children develop motor skills and improve social skills as they play with others. It provides a place where parents and children can spend quality time together. It offers a way for parents and their children to relieve stress and allows shelter staff to observe parent/child interaction and provide parenting tips as needed.

Team: Legal and Corporate Investigations employees in Louisville, KY
Organization: Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky

The Spina Bifida Association (SBA) serves adults and children who live with the challenges of Spina Bifida. Since 1973, SBA has been the only national voluntary health agency solely dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with Spina Bifida and those whose lives are touched by this challenging birth defect. Its tools are education, advocacy, research, and service. Kentucky leads states with the highest number of newborns born with the defect.

Impact: The five-member team used its $1,300 in Lighthouse funds to renovate a recreation room for children and teenagers with Spina Bifida and a resource rooms where parents can research the disabling birth defect online and through related reference materials. The renovations included fresh coats of cheerful paint as well as the assembly and installation of bookcases, a desk and chair and computer.

Team: Community Bank employees in Wise County, VA
Organization: Remote Area Medical (RAM) Health Expedition

The RAM organization, based in Knoxville, TN, organizes free clinics in its home state, Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia as well as internationally.

Impact: This team spent $2,500 in Lighthouse funds to provide free snow cones to help feed and hydrate the thousands waiting to receive free medical and dental care from the Remote Area Medical Health Expedition volunteers. The team also helped provide a meal for the medical volunteers and held places in line for those who needed to grab a bit to eat or take a restroom break.

Team: Information Technology Services, Processing Services, IT Operations, Security Command Center employees in Wilson, NC
Organization: The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club helps young people, especially at-risk children and youth, reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. It provides a safe place for they can learn and grow. It offers ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals and provides live-enhancing programs and character-development experiences.

Impact: Several Lighthouse Project teams in Wilson, NC, tackled on a variety of projects to help The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club. They contributed more than $16,000 to replace playground equipment, replace lights and ceiling tiles and even provide a day out for the children at a program called Horses Offering People Encouragement. Through the H.O.P.E. program, participating children learned about responsibility and trust as well as built self-esteem by learning about and working with horses.

Team: AFCO employees in Brooklyn, NY
Organization: East New York Farms

East New York Farms is a half-acre farm in Brooklyn,NY, that strives to educate area residents on healthy eating habits by promoting local and regional sustainable agriculture and community-based economic development. The organization also has a youth internship program that encourages them to develop agricultural and entrepreneurial skills by selling vegetables grown on the farm at two area farmer’s markets.

Impact: Employees at AFCO, a BB&T subsidiary, invested their $2,200 in Lighthouse Funds to restore a mural promoting East New York Farms that is visible from the subway train station that serves the area. The mural is on the United Community Center building and was designed in 2000 by artist Janet Braun-Reinitz. The team bought paint supplies and rented the necessary scaffolding for the restoration project. Remaining funds were used to provide supplies for the farm.

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