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BB&T Cash Rewards

With BB&T Cash Rewards, you earn cash back when you shop for everyday items. It's free, and you're automatically enrolled if you have a personal or business BB&T Debit Card.


Earn cash when you pay with your personal or business BB&T Debit Card:

  • Receive up to 25 percent cash back on purchases.
  • Deposit reward dollars directly into your checking account.
  • Get special savings when you shop online1 with our partners.


Who Can Get Cash Rewards?

To enjoy the benefits of BB&T Cash Rewards, you must have both of the following:

  • A BB&T checking account
  • A personal or business BB&T Debit Card

Ready to Get Started?

What Purchases Are Eligibile?

  • In-store purchases earn rewards at participating retailers.
  • Online purchases only earn rewards through the BB&T Cash Rewards site. To visit the site, simply log on to online banking. Under the Accounts menu, select Account Details.

Manage Your Rewards

To visit the BB&T Cash Rewards site:

  1. Log on to online banking.
  2. Under the Accounts menu, select Account Details.

There you'll be able to:

  • Deposit rewards directly into your checking account.
  • Find BB&T Cash Rewards retailers in your area.
  • Find online retailer honoring BB&T Cash Rewards.
  • Shop deals exclusive to BB&T Cash Rewards clients.

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