Prepaid Debit Card

Enjoy the unrivaled purchasing power of Visa® with a prepaid, reloadable BB&T MoneyAccount®. It's the smart way to manage and protect your money.

  • Apply in minutes—no separate bank account or minimum credit score is required
  • Spend only the money available in your account
  • Make purchases, pay bills online and more
  • Use direct deposit to avoid check-cashing fees


The BB&T MoneyAccount combines the features of a checking account with the convenience of a prepaid, reloadable, Visa debit card.

  • Enjoy hassle-free spending around town, while traveling or shopping online
  • Add security to your online purchases by linking your card to Visa Checkout
  • Establish financial responsibility—since you can only spend available funds, you'll never overdraw your account
  • Learn or sharpen budgeting skills
  • Share joint accounts with your spouse, child, relative or friend

Adding Funds

It's easy to add money to your BB&T MoneyAccount:

  • Deposit cash, BB&T checks or government–issued checks at any BB&T financial center location
  • Enroll in Direct Deposit to automatically deposit your paycheck, tax refund or US government benefits
  • Transfer funds to and from other BB&T accounts
  • Load funds where you shop. Use the Visa ReadyLink reload network at any participating merchant location
  • Use the Ingo Money app to load approved checks directly into your MoneyAccount by taking a photo with your iPhone® or Android mobile device. You can download the free app from Google® play or the Apple App Store.

Managing Your Account

Bank on your terms—anytime, anywhere, with BB&T online banking—our FREE Internet banking service. It's safe, easy and convenient.

With BB&T online banking, you get access to:

  • Online Bill Payment—schedule free, secure payments when they're most convenient for you
  • BB&T Mobile—perform banking transactions right from your mobile phone1
  • Alerts—receive account-related email or text messages on your mobile device1


BB&T MoneyAccount fees are straightforward and affordable and, because your account is prepaid, you never have to worry about overdraft fees.

Standard monthly maintenance fee:

  • $5 per month (BB&T will reduce this fee to $3 for any month in which you have total deposits/loads of at least $1,000.)
ATM withdrawal fees:
  • Free cash withdrawals at any BB&T ATM
  • $2.50 at ATMs outside of the BB&T network2
  • $5.00 at international ATMs2

Each month, you'll receive free online statements and a single paper statement at no charge. A fee of $3 applies to additional paper statements.

View the complete list of fees and free services.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the BB&T MoneyAccount.








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