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College Saver CD

Plan and save for college with a deposit of $50 or more per month. Once school starts, you can make up to four withdrawals a year to pay for college expenses.


The College Saver CD has terms of 36, 48, or 60 months. To get started:

  • Set up an automatic deposit of at least $50 or more per month from a BB&T checking or savings account.
  • Make one additional deposit of at least $50 per month by draft, in person or through BB&T online banking.
  • Make up to four withdrawals per year without penalty if the funds are used for college-related expenses.1

Account balance must be less than $100,000.

Minimum to Open



Tiered rates based on deposited funds:

  • Compounded daily on collected balances
  • Interest accrues for all additional deposits at the same interest rate and APY2 as the original deposit or the rate in effect at the last renewal

Account Benefits

A Simple, Easy Way to Save

  • No monthly fees
  • Automatic renewal
  • May be pledged as loan collateral

Convenient Grace Periods

  • During a grace period at renewal, you may negotiate a new term or rate. You may also adjust your account balance.
  • If no adjustments are made at grace period, your CD continues to grow at the interest rate and annual percentage yield in effect on the date of renewal.

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