Liquidity Management

BB&T can help identify cash management solutions and integrate electronic commerce capabilities into your current business environment, whether you need short-term financing or solutions that put account surpluses to work for you. We can customize
a product bundle for your business today to make accessing your money and managing your accounts easier.

  • Vault360

    Vault360SM is a complete suite of deposit solutions to help clients streamline their armored courier deposits and banking relationships across the continental United States.

  • Cash Concentration

    Cash Concentration services provide an efficient method of consolidating deposits made by your company’s multiple locations, eliminating wire transfer expense, allowing your company to accumulate its cash resources into one combined pool, and minimizing excess balances throughout your banking relationships.

  • SupplyChain360

    Maximize financial value and operational efficiency with a collaborative online portal that allows you and your suppliers to view information during each step of the supply chain process.

  • Credit Line Sweep

    BB&T Credit Line Sweep automatically funds your company's checking account and covers shortfalls in your checking account with funds drawn from the company's line of credit.

  • Credit Sweep Plus

    BB&T Credit Line Sweep Plus automatically funds your company's checking account from your line of credit and makes payments to that same line of credit with available funds. It also automatically invests idle funds in higher yielding deposits.

  • Sweep Advantage

    BB&T Sweep Advantage links your BB&T business checking account to a Money Rate Savings Account and automatically sweeps any funds over your chosen balance into your choice of investments.

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