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Remote Deposit Capture

BB&T OnSite Deposit SM enables you to make deposits and confirm deposit status from any location with an Internet connection. With just a check scanner and a computer running Windows®, you never need to go to the bank. Our remote deposit system, OnSite Deposit, automates deposit preparation, enabling more frequent deposits and extending the banking day, making your funds available sooner.

How It Works

To learn more about OnSite Deposit, we invite you to view an online demonstration, use our calculator to estimate your monthly savings, or contact a BB&T Treasury Management Consultant for a live demonstration.

Overview of how OnSite Deposit works:

  • Use a Windows-based PC with Internet access to deposit checks to your BB&T Business account at any time, making your funds available sooner.
  • You choose a scanner to capture check images and BB&T provides OnSite Deposit software to manage and balance deposits.
  • The OnSite Deposit system transmits your deposits through a secure interface to BB&T for processing.

After deposits are posted to your account, you can retrieve images and verify account balances from BB&T secure website.


  • Extends banking hours to fit your schedule with a deposit deadline of 9 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Eliminates the need, time, and expense of mailing checks or taking them to the bank for deposit.
  • Make deposits as often as you want.
  • Maintain a single BB&T banking relationship for all depositing locations.
  • Provides online access to a two-year history of deposit information and check images at no additional charge.

Service Options

  • OnSite Deposit – Low Volume
    This streamlined offering is designed for clients depositing fewer than 200 checks per month and small businesses. For one low monthly service fee, clients get a single-feed scanner provided by BB&T and up to 200 checks deposited per month.
  • OnSite Deposit – Package
    This package is ideal for clients depositing between 200 and 500 checks per month and who don’t want to purchase a scanner. It includes a batch feed scanner provided by BB&T and up to 500 checks deposited per month—all for one monthly service fee.
  • OnSite Deposit
    This service offers full remote deposit capture functionality—including check conversion to ACH and coupon processing—for a low monthly maintenance and per item fee. It is ideal for clients who deposit more than 500 checks per month and who currently own a compatible scanner or prefer to purchase one

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