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Positive Pay Fraud Protection

Positive Pay protects your business from fraud, letting you easily detect counterfeit and fraudulent checks. Positive Pay works by comparing an issued check file you supply to us to the checks BB&T receives. Before your business checks are released, your company sends us a file of checks written. We compare that file to the checks that are presented to the bank to detect and prevent potential fraudulent activity.

How it Works

The entire BB&T branch network is part of Positive Pay's protection. Any checks presented to the teller in a branch are compared to your company's issued check file. If the check does not meet the information in the issue file, the customer at the teller line will be referred to your company.

How Positive Pay Works

Step 1 Your company transmits a file containing issued check information to BB&T prior to distributing the physical checks.
Step 2 As checks are presented to the bank, MICR line information is compared with your company's issue file:
  • Checks that match in serial number and amount are paid.
  • Screening for maximum dollar amounts and stale issue date items are also available.
  • Checks that do not match are considered suspect.
  • Suspect items are manually examined for encoding errors and misreads.
  • Any encoding errors or misreads are corrected.
Step 3


Benefits of Positive Pay

Fraud Protection
  • Minimizes the potential of fraudulent check activity
  • Scans for paid checks that do not have a matching issue
  • Scans for fields that do not match the issue file
  • Scans for duplicate checks
Easy to Use
  • Use BB&T CashManager OnLine to import your check issue files or enter the data manually.
  • Issue files received between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm ET are processed same day.
  • Suspect items are available by 10:00 am ET.
  • Images of suspect items are available via BB&T CashManager OnLine.
  • Pay or no pay decisions must be completed by 2 pm ET.
  • Simplifies end-of-month reconciliation when combined with Account Reconciliation reporting by already identifying mismatched items

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