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BB&T TradePartner

BB&T TradePartner provides guidance to freight forwarders on handling international trade for their customers. We offer a complete set of tools and support to make your business more responsive. You get:

  • Commissions for letter of credit presentations, whether you outsource document preparation or not
  • Higher efficiency with automated processing of documentary collections and accelerated payment flow for your customers
  • Greater transparency for your client relationships


BB&T TradePartner provides tools, products and services to accelerate the global trading process for your customers and increase your revenue. You will receive:

  • Expedited service for letter of credit presentations—typically 24 to 48 hours
  • Quarterly commissions paid for each freely negotiable letter of credit presented to BB&T
  • Monthly volume reports
  • Customized reporting and client handling
  • Training and consultative services

FREE Online Tools:

  • BB&T TradeAssist® will help simplify the processing and preparation of documentary collections and provide online access to export transaction details
  • BB&T SupplyChain360 will enable you and your suppliers to view information during each step of the supply chain process


Use BB&T TradePartner to raise your bottom-line revenue:

  • Improve revenue with commissions paid on a quarterly basis for every freely negotiable letter of credit sent to BB&T
  • Increase efficiency with our online tools, training and support

Payment Flow

Export transactions are simplified with our TradePartner payment process:

  1. Present freely negotiable letters of credit and supporting documents to BB&T for processing, and initiate documentary collections through TradeAssist.
  2. BB&T expedites processing, obtains payment and transfers funds to your customer. Standard fees are deducted according to the schedule provided during enrollment. No wire fees are ever charged to your customer or to the advising bank.
  3. Detailed payment notifications for each transaction are available through TradeAssist.


BB&T International Services, including TradePartner, TradeAssist and SupplyChain360, is fully compliant with Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) standards and conforms to and complies with the USA Patriot Act.

Transactions are checked against domestic and international denial lists, including the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN).

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