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BB&T Small Business Lending

Whether you’re looking to finance short-term operating needs, purchase new equipment, consolidate existing business debt, or ensure convenient access to funds when you need them, BB&T Small Business Lending may be exactly what you need.

  • Business Advantage Installment Loan
    • Finance permanent business growth or expansion
    • Consolidate or refinance debt
    • Get payment protection and property and casualty insurance
  • Business Advantage Credit Line
    • Leverage real estate value into a line of credit for your business
    • Grant a blanket lien on company assets, deposits, or securities
    • Get credit when you need it, just by writing a check
    • Make interest-only payments, or pay a percentage of the outstanding balance
  • Small Business Equipment Loan
    • Purchase or refinance new or used equipment and vehicles
    • Make monthly payments on principal and interest
    • Get payment protection and property and casualty insurance
  • SBA Loans
    • Take advantage of a lending program that extends beyond the scope of standard financing
    • Enjoy flexible terms to improve repayment ability
    • Preserve working capital


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