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Small Business OnLine Fee Schedule

For all clients, BB&T Small Business OnLine® and BB&T OnLine® Bill Payment are free. For premium services and transactions, fees apply.


Monthly Fee

Unlimited Online Bill Payment

No charge for all accounts excluding BB&T Fundamentals Account*

*BB&T Fundamentals Accounts are consumer/retail accounts. A $4 per statement cycle fee is charged when any Online Bill Payment is made from a BB&T Fundamentals Account. Fees only incurred in months in which a bill payment is made. Payments to BB&T accounts do not incur a fee.

Premium Service

Monthly Fee

Add Manage Users


Add ACH & Wire


Add Manage Users with ACH & Wire








Premium Service Bundles

Monthly Fee


Manage Users
ACH & Wire Transfer



Manage Users



ACH & Wire Transfer



Manage Users
ACH & Wire Transfer




Fee Per Transaction

Stop Payment


ACH Payment—Federal Tax


Other ACH Payments:

  • Direct Deposit (per recipient)
  • Business-to-Business
  • Business-to-Consumer


ACH Payment—Return


ACH Payment—Notification of Change


Domestic Wire Transfer


International Wire Transfer


Returned Domestic Wire Transfer


Returned International Wire Transfer


Book Transfer Fee


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