Frequently Asked Questions about BB&T

What sets BB&T apart from other financial institutions?

From our beginnings as a community bank in 1872, our operating strategy of providing responsive, localized customer service has distinguished us from other financial holding companies. BB&T’s banking subsidiaries are organized as a group of community banks, each with a regional president, to allow local autonomy and local decision making. By encouraging each subsidiary to match its operating style and services with the needs and desires of its local community, this philosophy helps BB&T ensure our customer service is as responsive, reliable and empathetic as possible.

What products and services does BB&T offer?

BB&T offers full range of financial services, including retail and commercial banking, insurance, investment, international services and leasing. Today BB&T is the 14th largest financial-holding company in the nation with more than $136.5 billion in assets.

Where can I find a BB&T financial center near me?

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, BB&T has more than 1,500 financial centers throughout the Carolinas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, DC Locate a financial center or ATM near you.

When was BB&T founded?

Founded in 1872 in the heart of eastern North Carolina, BB&T has grown to become the 14th largest financial-holding company in the nation with more than $136.5 billion in assets.

How has BB&T’s stock performed over the past several years?

Consistently rated as one of the safest and soundest financial institutions in the S&P 500 Index, BB&T Corporation (NYSE: BBT) has a 10-year compound annual dividend growth rate of 12.3 percent (compared with 5.3 percent for the S&P 500). Over the last five years, BB&T’s total compound annual return to shareholders has been 7.8 percent compared with 6.2 percent for the S&P 500. The 10-year total compound annual return to shareholders has been 12.5 percent compared with 9.4 percent for the S&P 500.

How does BB&T protect my privacy and security?

BB&T places the highest value on the information our clients share with us, and we are firmly committed to protecting our clients’ privacy. More information detailing the many steps we take to safeguard your security can be found in the Privacy and Security section of our website. In addition, you can visit the Learn and Plan section of our site to read helpful articles and other tips about how you can take steps to protect your own privacy.

What are BB&T’s ABA numbers or routing numbers?

You can find the nine-digit routing number in the lower left corner of your checks. Your routing number is the number before your account number. Routing numbers by state are:


State Routing Number
Alabama (AL) 0622-0398-4
District of Columbia (DC)


Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA) 0611-1341-5
Indiana (IN) 0839-7428-9
Kentucky (KY) 0839-0068-0
Maryland (MD) 0550-0330-8
North Carolina (NC) 0531-0112-1
South Carolina (SC) 0532-0160-7
Tennessee (TN) 0642-0816-5
Texas (TX) 1110-1769-4
Virginia (VA) 0514-0426-0
West Virginia (WV) 0515-0339-4

How can I join the BB&T team?

BB&T is about excellence, and that excellence begins with our employees. We are always looking for talented, highly motivated individuals who believe in excellence and are committed to providing unmatched service to our clients. If you are interested in being part of a high performance organization where your contributions will be valued, visit Careers to search and apply for jobs in our online Career Center.