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Asset Management Account

The BB&T Investments Asset Management Account links your brokerage account to a full-service BB&T checking account. This single, powerful account gives you easy access to your cash and keeps your money working for you around the clock.


Exclusive benefits, including:

  • BB&T Visa® debit card with enhanced daily spending limits, increased daily ATM withdrawals, BB&T Zero Liability Protection1and free replacement cards
  • Tiered interest rates on your checking account
  • Bonus rates on CDs and IRAs2
  • No commission charge on no-load fund trades

Integrated high-value checking and banking services, including free:

  • Online banking and bill payment
  • BB&T Mobile Banking, including mobile check deposit3
  • BB&T alerts3
  • Safe deposit box
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Money orders and official checks (one per month)
  • Incoming domestic wires

Convenient account features, including:

  • Use of BB&T Phone24's automated system4
  • Transactions from non-BB&T24 ATMs (eight no-fee transactions and eight surcharge rebates per month)
  • Overdraft protection transfers
  • No maintenance fee on secondary checking accounts5 (no maintenance fee)

Helping You Move Forward in a Fast-Paced World

The BB&T Investments Asset Management Account makes it easy to keep your money working for you around the clock and easy to monitor it around the world. The minimum opening deposit is $25,000 in any combination of cash, securities and deposit accounts.


Your Asset Management Account will keep sufficient funds in checking to meet your needs at any point in time, with the balance maintained in your brokerage account where it can potentially earn a higher rate of return. You can customize your account in the following ways:

1. Choose how your sweep works.

You have three flexible options for "sweeping" funds back and forth.

  • Automated Sweep – You designate a minimum and maximum amount of cash to remain in your checking account. Funds will automatically flow back and forth from your brokerage account to your checking account to maintain those designated levels.
  • Automated Zero Balance Sweep – All available cash in your checking account will automatically flow into your brokerage account each night. Funds flow back as needed to cover checks, debit card purchases and other withdrawals.
  • Self-Directed Sweep – You determine when to transfer cash between your checking account and your brokerage account.

2. Choose where to maintain your short-term sweep funds

Based on your instructions, available cash will flow from your checking account into taxable or tax-free options, including one with the security and protection of FDIC insurance.

3. Choose how to interface with longer-term investments

When a security is sold, or interest or dividends are credited to your account, the proceeds can be automatically invested into the sweep option of your choice. Additionally, the purchase of a security can be covered automatically with funds from the chosen sweep option.

Consolidated Statement

You´ll receive your brokerage and checking information in a single, easy-to-read monthly statement that will provide:

  • Account Activity Summary
    - For your Brokerage Account, including purchases, sales and income
    - For your Checking Account, including deposits and withdrawals
    - Funds Availability at the end of the statement period
  • Investment Summary
    - For each type of investment: current period, prior period and prior year-end, along   with a breakdown of your current asset allocation

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