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Your company's plan administrator has selected either online or at-work enrollment for its retirement plan participants.

Enroll Online

To enroll online, you'll use PlanTrac, which provides quick, easy, online access to all benefit- and plan-related information.

When accessing PlanTrac for the first time, use your Social Security number as your user ID and the last four digits of your Social Security number and your birth month and day (format: MMDD) as your temporary PIN.

Once you log on to PlanTrac, create a permanent user ID and password. Your temporary PIN will expire after 30 days. If your PIN has already expired, call 800-228-8076, option 0, for assistance.

Enroll at Work

Your company's human resources department or plan administrator will provide you with the forms and participant information you'll need to get started.

What You Should Know

Whether you're enrolling online or at your office, you must provide Social Security numbers for each of your beneficiaries to complete the enrollment process. In most cases, if you're married your spouse must be named primary beneficiary. Contact your plan administrator for more information.

Finally, make plans to review your investments at least once each year or when you experience a major life event (such as marriage, new family members or divorce) or when you receive a salary increase.

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