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Staying on Track

Now that you’re actively saving for retirement, it’s important to stay on track by reviewing your portfolio and investment strategy. When life gets off track due to a job transition, extended illness or accident, it can be tempting to stop contributing to your retirement plan—you may even consider withdrawing your savings. Don't do it. You’ll miss numerous opportunities to reduce your taxes and investment costs. And, worse yet, you’ll weaken your retirement readiness. 

  • Importance of Asset Allocation

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket—learn how to reduce risk and spread your investment dollars among different classes or categories of investments.

  • Understanding Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses

    From the day-to-day costs of managing your plan to the special services your plan may offer, here's a quick primer that can help educate you about your plan fees and expenses.

  • Retirement Planning Based on Your Life Stage

    Whether you are just starting out, preparing for a major life event, or are ready to retire, it's important to review the steps you should take to build a secure retirement.

  • Retirement Plan Loans

    There may be times when you need cash and have no option but to tap your retirement savings. Learn more about how retirement loans can impact your taxes—and your future retirement.

  • Retirement Plan Withdrawals

    Thinking of pulling money out of your retirement plan? Although your plan may allow hardship withdrawals under certain circumstances, there are financial implications to consider as well.

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