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Nearing Retirement

This is the time to gain a better understanding of your retirement benefits and where you stand financially. We’re here to help you start thinking about:

  • How much longer you want—and
    need—to work
  • Finding and managing additional income
  • Your eligibility for retiree health benefits


Ready to get serious about retirement planning? The first step is to assess your current situation.

  • When do you want to retire?
    The sooner your retirement date, the less time you have to save and grow your portfolio.

  • How long will your retirement last?
    Even if you were a conscientious saver and investor during your working years, your money may not last as long as you need it to. A volatile market can damage even the most carefully constructed portfolio, and seemingly large sums of money can quickly become depleted. Improvements in health care have dramatically increased life expectancy, and it’s no longer unusual for people to reach their late 80s or even 90s.

  • What will your income be after you retire?
    The answer varies greatly from person to person. We’ve provided the following calculator to help you plan and to answer key questions related to achieving your retirement goals. The calculator considers your age, expected length of retirement and estimated living expenses.

    What will my income be after I retire?

  • How much are you saving?
    Ongoing retirement savings are critical. Factor in your employer's matching contributions only if you plan on staying long enough to become vested.

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Now’s the time to assess whether you’re on track to retire, how much income you’ll need, your living arrangements and whether you’ll continue to work in retirement.

  • What about catch-up contributions?
    Life events can derail even the best-laid retirement plans. If you’ll be 50 years of age or older before the end of the year, you may be able to make additional pre-tax contributions to your retirement plan.

    Making catch-up contributions gives you all the advantages of your retirement plan, including tax deferment, low fees and employer match. Most importantly, it may be your best opportunity to make up for lost time.

  • Are you planning to relocate after retirement?
    Before you finalize your plans to move, be sure to check the state, local and estate taxes in your new location. When is the best time—if at all—to sell your current home? Would it make more sense to rent or buy your next residence?

  • Would you consider working in retirement?
    Retirement isn’t what it used to be—in some ways it’s even more fulfilling. For many retirees, continued employment provides an ongoing sense of purpose, and staying in the working world can offer social and lifestyle benefits as well as additional income.

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Aside from your savings goals, there’s still a lot to consider, such as the cost of future health care. Even a short lapse in coverage could leave you at a disadvantage in re-obtaining it.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance
    More than half of all Americans over age 65 will require some form of long-term care services during their lifetimes. It’s important to seriously consider this kind of coverage and to understand your options before you buy.

    Contact a BB&T Investment Services, Inc. Investment Counselor to learn more.

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
    Even with Medicare, retirees face high out-of-pocket costs for health care services. Your expenses could include premiums for Medicare Part B (physician and outpatient hospital services) and Part D (prescription drugs), co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles, and excluded benefits such as dental care, eyeglasses and hearing aids. A supplemental plan can help you receive and pay for all the services you need.

    Learn more about Medicare supplement insurance from BB&T Insurance Services.

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