First-Time Home Buyer

You can count on BB&T Home Mortgage to provide expert guidance as you explore your loan options.

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Buying Your First Home: Getting Started
Learn what to expect as you begin the mortgage process for the first time.
Buying Your First Home: Prequalification to Closing
As you buy your first home, you’ll feel more at ease by knowing all of the steps involved.
Before Buying Your First House
Learn the benefits to owning a home, and when it is more advantageous for you to buy instead of rent.
Tips for First-Time Home Buyers
Keep these points in mind as you search for your first home.
Accumulating a Down Payment
Discover ways to save for a down payment that fits your financial goals.
Choosing a House
Select your first home with a few smart guidelines.


Who Is Involved, and What Are Their Roles?

Learn about everyone you'll be working with throughout your mortgage application.

How Much Home Can You Afford?

Take a close look at the full cost of home ownership before you begin to fill out a mortgage application.

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