Personal Loans and
Lines of Credit

We make it easy for you to borrow money, with competitive rates that let you finance major purchases, consolidate debt and save over higher-interest alternatives.

  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
    • Secure a loan or line of credit with your primary or secondary residence
    • Pay for home improvements, education costs, debt consolidation and more
    • Get fixed rates with a loan, or flexible options with a line of credit
  • BB&T Auto Loans
    • Purchase, refinance or buy-out your lease
    • Choose from a variety of flexible repayment options
    • Get competitive terms and rates
  • BB&T Unsecured Loans and Lines of Credit
    • Consolidate debt, pay for vacation or make home improvements
    • Get easy access fo funds with no collateral necessary
    • Have fixed or flexible rate options
  • BB&T Boat and Marine Lending
    • Purchase a new used boat from an individual or dealer
    • Get multiple finance options
    • Lower your payments with refinancing your current boat
  • BB&T Recreational Loan
    • Purchase a RV, motorcycle, airplane or personal watercraft
    • Get flexible payment options
    • Enjoy penalty-free prepayments
  • Deposit/Investment Secured Loan
    • Use the value of your deposits and investments to secure a loan
    • Keep your investments or cash deposits untouched
    • Get up to 100% loan-to-value, depending on the collateral you use
  • Debt Consolidation
    • Combine all of your outstanding debts into one loan
    • Get competitive interest rates
    • Take advantage of flexible repayment options
  • Lot Financing
    • Purchase residential lots
    • Finance construction costs to build your new home
    • Transition to a traditional mortgage once construction is complete
  • Constant Credit
    • Link to one or more BB&T checking accounts
    • Enjoy constant overdraft protection1
    • Borrow money at any time, just like writing a check

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