Online Banking

Online Statements

Streamline your record keeping and support the environment—available free through your online banking account.

  • Secure—reduce your risk of mail theft
  • Accessible—use any computer or mobile device
  • Convenient—get an automatic alert when your statement is ready


Online statements are eco-friendly, help reduce clutter and offer a number of advantages over traditional paper statements.


  • Free and accessible anytime, anywhere, from your online banking account
  • Available immediately—no need to wait for the mail
  • Easy to save or print PDFs of your statements
  • Useful for taxes and other record-keeping purposes
  • Optional alerts notify you once your statement is available


  • Includes all of the security features of online banking
  • Reduces the risk of identity theft and mail fraud by eliminating paper copies

Eligible Accounts

You can view online statements for all eligible BB&T accounts, including:

  • Personal checking accounts
  • Personal savings accounts
  • Personal credit card accounts
  • Home equity loans and lines of credit
  • Any BB&T loan obtained or originated through a dealership (for example, an auto, boat or RV loan)

Get Started

To sign up for online statements, log on to online banking. Under the Accounts menu, select Monthly Statements.

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