Manage your expenses with a personal loan or line of credit.

Personal Loans and
Lines of Credit

Manage expenses such as education, home remodeling, automobile purchasing or debt consolidation with a personal loan or line of credit from BB&T. We offer competitive rates with a variety of flexible collateral options.

Wealth Lending
Using Financial Leverage Strategically

From the pages of BB&T Wealth magazine, Ryan E. Berry of BB&T discusses the concept of debt as a strategic tool which, when properly leveraged, can greatly enhance your monetary returns.

Securities-Secured Line of Credit
Use the equity in your securities investments while keeping your portfolio intact. A securities-secured line of credit lets you borrow money using your BB&T or BB&T affiliate securities accounts as collateral. Additional advantages include:

  • Easy access to funds via check, fund transfer or wire transfer
  • Potential deferment of capital gains taxes on your securities investments
  • Flexibility to use your line of credit for a variety of purposes
  • Potential tax advantages related to interest expense
  • Low cost to initiate

CD-or Savings-Secured Loans and Lines of Credit
Use the value of your BB&T certificate of deposit (CD) or savings account to secure a loan. Advantages include:

  • Fixed or variable rates and flexible repayment options
  • The option to use your own money as collateral
  • Lower annual percentage rates than conventional loans

Luxury Lending
Whether you intend to buy, upgrade or refinance a personal aircraft or watercraft, your BB&T advisor will work with you to facilitate the entire process.

Personal Aircraft Financing

  • New or used aircraft
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • No prepayment penalty

Marine and Watercraft Financing

  • New or used watercraft
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • No prepayment penalty

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Unsecured Loans and Lines of Credit
For qualified clients, unsecured loans and lines of credit from BB&T come with a variable interest rate and the flexibility and convenience associated with a revolving line of credit. In addition to checks, you'll have quick and easy access to your account through ATMs, Phone24, and BB&T Online. Advantages include:

  • No collateral required
  • Flexible repayment options

Vehicle Loans
Before you purchase your next vehicle, consider the variety of financing options available to you as a BB&T Wealth client. Advantages include:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Flexible repayment options
  • More buying power—with financing already secured, you’ll have more negotiating leverage with the dealership

Which Personal Loan or Line of Credit is Right for You?
Your BB&T Wealth advisor will carefully consider your entire financial situation and work with you to find the best available lending solution.

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