Equity Sales & Trading

BB&T Capital Markets Equity Sales and Trading groups have established relationships with many of the largest money managers, mutual funds and hedge funds in the nation. These specialists work closely with the Research group to provide clients with the highest quality research, underwriting, distribution, liquidity provision and proprietary access to industry leading conferences and executive management teams. Our key services include institutional block execution services, experienced institutional distribution services, stock buybacks and Rule 144 sales.

Institutional Equity Sales Force
The institutional equity sales force works closely with the Research group to coordinate the delivery of firm’s in-depth research on the industries we cover. They also provide access to industry leading conferences and market individual company management teams to more than 1,000 institutional clients. We have institutional sales and trading locations in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Richmond.

Our traders provide quality trade execution using state-of-the-art, high-speed technology and access to all significant pools of liquidity in the market place. Our trading capabilities also include algorithmic services that use sophisticated trading and order routing methodologies aimed at securing the best possible price and market representation.


Market maker in 435 NASDAQ and NYSE securities

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