Bill Payment

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My Account Profile

From the My Account Profile tab you can Nickname any of your accounts to make telling them apart easier. You can use Show/Hide Accounts to customize your Overview page view and Bill Payment account drop-down list.

To give a nickname to an account or change a nickname, click the Edit button next to the account. Next, enter the nickname you choose in the Current Nickname field and click the Save link.

Nicknames can be up to 25 characters, including spaces, and the following special characters: & ( ) - / '

By default, BB&T OnLine displays all of your accounts. Using Show/Hide Accounts lets you choose which accounts you want to see on the Overview page. To set which accounts you will see, select the radio button next to the account you want to show or hide on each page. A green check mark will display when the change is accepted. You can change your account settings anytime from the Show/Hide Accounts tab. You can also indicate which accounts you prefer to use for Bill Payment. When you Hide an Account for Bill Payment, the account will not appear in the drop down list of Bill Pay accounts. Hiding an account in this manner will not affect any existing bill payments.