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Making Transfers with Outside Accounts

Personal clients with a BB&T checking or savings account can make transfers to checking or savings accounts owned by them at other financial institutions.Business accounts are not eligible for this service.

Adding Outside Accounts
To perform a transfer with an account at another financial institution, you must first add the account. From the Transfers tab, click on the Add outside account link. Enter the routing number and account number information for your outside account.

Next, select a verification method for the outside account. Some accounts will allow for an instant Online Verification where you provide your online credentials for your outside bank. You can also use the Trial Deposit method in which BB&T will make two small deposits labeled TRIAL CREDIT to your outside account. After you receive the deposits, record the amount. In 3 business days, log on to BB&T OnLine, go to the Transfers tab, click on the Verify Accounts link, and enter the amounts to complete your account verification.

Note: You will also see a debit equaling the same amount as the deposits withdrawn from your account. The debit will show up as TRIAL DEBIT. You will not need to enter this information.

Trial Deposits expire after 30 days. If you do not confirm your Trial Deposit amounts within 30 days, you will need to delete the account and repeat the process again from the beginning.

Once your accounts are verified, they are ready to use for Transfers. You can use up to nine different accounts with this service.

Transfers with Outside accounts are either Standard 3 Business Day or Next Business Day. Next Business Day Transfers with Outside accounts cannot be scheduled in the future.

To make a Outside transfer, select the account you want to take the funds from in the From Account drop-down menu, and then select the account you want to move the funds to in the To Account drop-down menu. Enter the Date on which you would like the transfer to occur by typing in the date or clicking on the calendar icon. By default, the current date will appear.

To create a single transfer, select Once from the Frequency drop down menu. To create a repeating transfer, select the schedule for the transfer from the Frequency drop-down menu. Choose one of the six available frequencies you’d like your transfers to be made. Repeating transfers must be scheduled to occur no earlier than the next business day.

Once you have the information as you'd like it, click the Transfer button to proceed. You will be directed to the Transfer Funds confirmation page. Review the information you entered and click Confirm to proceed, Edit if you need to make any changes or Cancel if you have changed your mind.

Note: The fee for an outbound transfer will display as the Processing Fee. The processing fee will be included in the total amount withdrawn from your available balance.

Transfer cut-off times, limits and fees for Outside transfers differ from internal transfers. Please select the Fees, Limits and Cut-off Times link within the Transfers tab for more details.

*Accounts may not be immediately eligible for Next Business Day transfers.