Benefits Package

BB&T offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package that has received national recognition. Any regular BB&T employee scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week is eligible for benefits. We recognize that your needs will likely vary throughout your career, as family needs fluctuate with your stage in life. Our benefits provide the flexibility necessary for you to design the benefits package that meets your individual needs. With the exception of disability insurance and dependent life insurance, benefit premiums are deducted on a pretax basis.

The BB&T Corporation 401(k) Savings Plan
A key component of the BB&T mission is to help our clients achieve economic success and financial security. We are equally committed to helping our employees obtain financial security. That commitment is evident in our outstanding 401(k) savings plan, which offers a 100 percent company match on up to six percent of an employee's compensation per pay period.

The BB&T Corporation Pension Plan
The BB&T Corporation Pension Plan rewards employees for service with BB&T and helps them accumulate income for a comfortable retirement. The Pension Plan is not available for all subsidiaries.

Medical Care
The BB&T Medical Program provides medical coverage which is effective on the date an employee begins work, and which can be used nationwide. The program offers a choice between two preferred provider organization (PPO) plan options.

BB&T pays approximately 75 percent of the premium cost for our employees' medical coverage. A study by Hewitt Associates, a nationally recognized human resources consultant, indicates that our employees pay approximately $400 less in medical premiums and out-of-pocket costs than those employed by many other companies in our peer group. Additionally, significant medical premium reductions can be obtained by joining LifeForce, our health promotion program.

Dental Care
BB&T offers optional dental coverage, at discounted group rates, which provides for routine care, basic and major services, and children's orthodontia.

Vision Care
Vision care benefits, which are offered by providers in the Vision Service Plan (VSP) network, typically cover 100 percent of charges for annual eye exams and the cost of eyeglasses or contact lenses with no copayments.

Term Life Insurance
BB&T employees are provided basic term life insurance at no cost to them. Employees may choose to purchase supplemental term life insurance coverage.

Dependent Life Coverage
BB&T also offers dependent life insurance which covers family members. This policy pays a $10,000 benefit in the event of a spouse's death and $7,500 in the event of a child's death.

Disability Coverage
Basic disability insurance is provided by BB&T at no cost to the employee and replaces a percentage of an employee's salary should he/she become disabled. Additional disability coverage may be purchased by an employee at a minimum cost.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment
This policy pays a benefit to the employee or their designated beneficiary in the event of an accident resulting in the death of or certain dismembering injuries to the covered person.

Business Travel Accident Insurance
BB&T provides business travel accident insurance to employees who may be injured while traveling on company business.

Flexible Spending Accounts
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows money to be deposited into Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) on a pretax basis to pay for qualified out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses. This benefit can result in significant savings. Contributions of up to $5,000 per year may be made to both the Health Care and Dependent Care FSAs.

LifeForce, the innovative BB&T wellness program, offers an opportunity to develop and manage a healthy lifestyle, as well as a way to decrease medical coverage premiums.

Retiree Medical and Term Life Insurance
Retiree medical coverage and term life insurance are available to retirees who participate in these programs while active employees.

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