Get more from your account.

Make sure you're getting the most from every dollar with these five tools that make managing your money simple, convenient and secure.

Online Banking

Bank where you want, when you want with BB&T Online®.
It's the simple, secure way to stay on top of your money.

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  • Transfer funds

    Easily move money between accounts - even if they're not at BB&T.Footnote 1

  • Pay bills

    Set up one time or recurring payments for your bills online.

  • Go paperless

    Skip the mailbox and keep all of your statements online.

Mobile Banking

Take your bank with you everywhere you go, with our easy-to-use mobile app and

  • Mobile app

    Save time by checking your balance, viewing transactions and paying bills right from your phone.

  • Safe and secure

    Rest easy knowing your information is encrypted with advanced technology.

  • Mobile check deposit

    Deposit a check as easily as taking a picture.Footnote 2

Email & Text Alerts

Keep tabs on your bank the same way you keep tabs on your friends - through text and email.

  • Immediate notifications

    Get a text or email alert for important things like low balances or when a check clears.

  • Custom alerts

    Have something you want to know? Easily create a personalized alert online.

  • Quiet hours

    Create ground rules for your alerts so you don't wake up to a beeping phone in the middle of the night.

Direct Deposit

Put your finances on autopilot. Have your checks deposited automatically,
and get instant access to your money the moment you need it.

To get started, fill out this form and give it to your employer.

  • Worry free

    Set up direct deposit once, and you'll never have to think about it again.

  • Immediate availability

    Never wait for another paycheck to clear.

  • Divide and conquer

    Split your deposits between your savings and checking accounts to make budgeting easier.

Switch to BB&T

Life doesn't come with instructions. But luckily, switching to BB&T does.
That's why we created a special kit that makes each step as easy as possible.

  • Change direct deposits

    Make sure your paycheck lands in the right place.

  • Update automatic payments

    Keep your bills and transfers up to date.

  • Close your old account

    End your old banking relationship on a high note.