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Do you suspect fraud on your account? Please contact BB&T immediately at 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228). Your response time may have an impact on your liability.

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A Complete Set of Security Features

BB&T places the utmost importance on your security and we are committed to working with you to fight fraud. Our security experts and advanced technology help to safeguard your personal and financial information. The information below provides you with an extensive list of the protections that we offer our clients.

  • Security Updates - BB&T provides helpful information on our website, such as alerts on fraud, phishing and other illegal web activity.
  • BB&T SecureMessage® - BB&T can send you protected email and receive protected email from you by using BB&T SecureMessage, which provides strong digital encryption.

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BB&T Online® Banking

  • User ID and Password - Your ID and password protect you by confirming your identity when you log on to online banking.
  • Timeout Feature - Your online banking session automatically terminates after an extended period of inactivity.
  • Firewalls - BB&T uses firewalls to provide an additional layer of security for your account and online information.
  • Encryption - BB&T secures your online banking session.
  • Online Banking Message Center - BB&T provides a secure channel for you to communicate with our online banking customer service teams.

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BB&T Small Businesses Online® Banking

All of the protections of our personal online banking service, and more:
  • Manage Users - BB&T helps you cut the risk of sharing passwords by giving you customizable access for up to 10 additional users. Robust controls let you determine their viewing access and ability to make transactions.
  • Verification Codes - A verification code is required for every ACH payment and wire transfer made using the premium services of online banking for small businesses.
  • Authentication Features - BB&T uses state-of-the-art technology to verify that only authorized users can access your business account.

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Online Bill Payment

  • Online Bill Payment Guarantee - BB&T reimburses fees incurred should late delivery occur.*
  • Handling Payment Claims - We handle payment claims on your behalf.*
  • Payment Control - You control who is paid and when they are paid.
  • Information Protection - BB&T keeps payment information secure.

    *See the Online Bill Payment Guarantee for details.

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BB&T Debit Card

  • Proactive Monitoring - BB&T monitors your accounts for suspicious activity.
  • Visa® Zero Liability - We may reimburse 100% of fraudulent transactions if your debit card or debit card number is lost or stolen.*
  • 24-Hour Help - If your debit card is lost or stolen, call BB&T at 800-226-5228 to block your card and order a new one.
  • BB&T Online Banking - You can view your debit card activity on our website using our online banking service. We encrypt your information for your protection.
  • Provisional Credit - You will receive provisional credit to your checking account within 5 business days of making a claim for fraudulent activity.*
  • Signature-Based Transactions - BB&T provides increased levels of security for signature-based purchases.

    *Certain restrictions may apply. See the BB&T Electronic Fund Transfer Agreement and Disclosures for more details.

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BB&T Credit Cards

  • Visa Zero Liability - If your BB&T credit card or card number is lost or stolen, BB&T will reimburse 100% of fraudulent transactions.*
  • Online Fraud Monitoring - BB&T adds an extra layer of security by validating your identity during online payment transactions at participating merchants.
  • Proactive Monitoring - We monitor your credit card account for suspicious activity.
  • 24-Hour Help - If your credit card is lost or stolen, call BB&T at 800-476-4228 to block your card and order a new one.

    *Certain restrictions may apply.

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BB&T Visa Gift Card

    Visa Zero Liability - If your BB&T Visa Gift Card or card number is lost or stolen, BB&T will reimburse 100% of any fraudulent transactions.*

    *Certain restrictions may apply. See the BB&T Gift Card Agreement for more details.

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  • Protection with a PIN - A PIN authenticates client identification when calling Phone24 and cardholder identification when withdrawing funds at ATMs.
  • Transaction Protection - If your card is lost or stolen, we protect you from any unauthorized transactions.*

    *Certain restrictions may apply. See the BB&T EasySend Card Account Terms and Conditions for more details.

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