Multicultural Outreach

Our multicultural markets are a striking example of understanding and meeting the needs of our clients. In a reflection of the burgeoning growth of the Latino, African-American and Asian-American populations—one-third of the US population in 2012—we increased our multicultural financial centers by 35%, to 350. Our associates are culturally conversant, but language is just the beginning. Treating people with respect is an underlying tenet, which often means meeting our clients where they are—in their churches, community centers and workplaces.


With Latinos making up the fastest growing multicultural segment, our multicultural financial centers are branded "Vecino" ("neighbor" in Spanish) and complemented by a Spanish-language website ( and client service support line at 800-BANK BBT (800-226-5228).

Special offerings include multilingual financial literacy videos and a banking product for clients who regularly send money to family members abroad. But every client is different. For example, many of our young Latino clients born in the US prefer to speak English and are among the biggest consumers of online services.


Like the nation's shifting demographics, our multicultural program is constantly evolving. But what remains steadfast is our commitment to clients, businesses and organizations in the multicultural communities we serve.

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