Kelly King on the BB&T Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Picture of Kelly King, Chairman and CEO of BB&T

BB&T is committed to doing business in a way that clearly demonstrates to all of our stakeholders that we respect and value the relationship they have chosen to have with us.

We understand that a critical factor in the continued success of these relationships and ultimately our business is a true commitment to diversity and inclusion.

It is a business imperative that the diversity of our workforce and our board of directors reflects the demographics of our clients, communities, and shareholders. BB&T has an enduring commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment that starts at the top of our organization and impacts the decisions we make each day.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

  • Helps us create innovative products and provide superior client service
  • Strengthens our ability to attract and retain associates with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and skills and advance their careers
  • Supports the economic growth of our communities through outreach efforts
  • Fosters strong partnerships with diverse suppliers and business owners
  • Positively impacts business revenues with increased sales, profits and greater returns for our shareholders

As a company and a culture, BB&T has embraced diversity and inclusion as a compelling growth strategy in our markets, in our boardroom and in the workplace.

Kelly S. King
Chairman and CEO
BB&T Corporation

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