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BB&T Supplier Diversity Program FAQs

How does registration with ASN benefit BB&T?

  • Registration with the Ariba Supplier Network (ASN) provides BB&T with a pool of current and potential suppliers for possible bid opportunities.
  • The online process provides a method for us to keep track of signed contracts, as well as those about to expire.
  • BB&T is able to track and monitor the performance of our suppliers.
  • BB&T is able to identify and track businesses certified as diverse.
  • BB&T is able to identify and track prime supplier's indirect spend with diverse suppliers online.
  • The registration process is an enterprise-wide directive from senior management.

How does registration with ASN benefit your company?

  • Registering with the Ariba Supplier Network (ASN) provides an opportunity to grow your business by becoming a part of a global collaboration network. ASN has over 200,000 participating companies transacting over $110B in goods and services with more than 31 million orders and invoices annually.
  • Your company will benefit from a systematic performance matrix approach when tracking and monitoring your company's performance.
  • You can update your company information at any time.

Why do we need a logon name and password?

A logon name and password are necessary to access the registration site where you will enter your company's information. Once you sign on as a new supplier, the system will generate a password for you.

Will any legal terms of my company's contract with BB&T change as a result of registration?

No, registration with ASN will not change any of the contract terms already in place.

What is the next step for a certified diverse firm?

Use the online registration link to register your company with the ASN. If you are selected to participate in a competitive bid, you will be required to complete a BB&T Supplier Questionnaire (in addition to your registration on the Ariba Supplier Network and enablement in the Ariba e-Procurement System).

Is certification a requirement for participating in the Supplier Diversity Program?

Yes, certification is required for participation in the Supplier Diversity Program. You may still participate in our procurement process without certification, but you will not be considered a diverse supplier.

What are the benefits of obtaining certification?

  • Certification provides opportunities to prospective companies.
  • Many major corporations require certification if a supplier is interested in their Supplier Diversity Program.
  • Suppliers gain information on organizations promoting supplier diversity.
  • The federal government has programs supporting minority business enterprises.
  • Your company will join a growing segment of certified minority business enterprises.

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