CashManager OnLine Statement Access

A more efficient, secure and fast way to view your account statements

BB&T CashManager OnLine® offers a timely and more secure way to receive your statement information. You have the convenience to view, save, and print your statements any time you want. BB&T provides up to 24 months of checking and savings statements through CashManager OnLine.

BB&T will no longer mail your paper statements, unless requested. Paperless statements give your organization these benefits:

  • Enhanced Security – Online access reduces the possibility of mail fraud
  • Convenience – Get current and past statements anytime without searching through files or requesting from an individual
  • Eco-Friendly Stance – Corporations today are asked to do more while taking less from the environment, and reducing use of paper is a great place to start
  • Efficiency – Use less of your office space for paper storage

The following information explains how to access your statements via CashManager OnLine or request continuation of paper statement delivery.

Access CashManager OnLine statements

  1. From the Reports tab in the CashManager Online navigation menu, hover over/select Information Reporting. Click on Image Statements. Then the IR – Image Statements page will display.
  2. From the IR – Image Statements page, select the radio button for the type of Image Statement, then select the desired specific account. You will be able to access only one account at a time.
  3. Select the Latest Report or chose a date range, then select Generate Report.

Request paper statements

Accessing your statements online provides many benefits, but we also recognize that some of our clients prefer to receive paper statements.

If you'd like to receive your statement via US Mail delivery, please contact our Client Support team at 800-774-8179.

Generating bank statements with CashManager OnLine

Welcome to BB&T. In today's fast changing corporate environment, many institutions are looking for ways to improve efficiencies by going paperless. Going paperless has never been easier, thanks to CashManager OnLine. CashManager OnLine provides your company the access for generating bank statements right from your computer. 

By hovering your cursor over the Reports menu, select the Image Statements option. On the following screen, locate the Deposit and Savings Statement option. Select the radio button. Choose an account. You can only select one at a time to view. Decide if you would like to view the most recent statement by clicking on the Generate button, or view an older statement by entering a date range and clicking on the filter, giving you access to bank statements for up to 24 months. 

Thank you for banking with BB&T.

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