U by BB&T: Create Account Groups and Manage Categories

U Plan & Analyze: Create Account Groups and Manage Categories

Explore how to manage advanced settings within the Plan & Analyze section of U by BB&T®.

Welcome to the demo for creating account groups and managing categories. The tool that lets you customize your accounts and categories to fit your needs. If you haven't already linked your other accounts, make sure to check out that demo to get a complete view of your financial picture. OK, ready to create a customized account group? Let's get started. To begin, first click on plan and analyze and select Settings. Under Account Groups, select Create Group. 

Name your new account group and select the accounts that you want to include. To finish, click Create Group. It's that simple. Your new account group will now be available throughout all the plan and analyze tools. OK, now let's take a look at managing your category. Select Categories in the sub menu. There are four main sections for categories-- expense, income, transfer, and deferred compensation. You can see the list of categories under each section. You can rename existing categories to suit your need. For example, you might not need an advertising category, but maybe you want one for school supplies. 

One more great feature here-- subcategories. For example, you may want to get more granular than this category here-- Health Care/Medical Expenses. You can. Let's create one for dental, medical, and prescription. Save your changes, that's it. Now you have subcategories that will be available throughout the plan and analyze tools. If you need to accurately categorize your transactions, find out where your money is going, take control your finances, or calculate your net worth, be sure to check out our other Plan and Analyze demos.

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