U by BB&T: Linking Accounts

U Plan & Analyze: Linking Accounts

Learn how to link all of your accounts—BB&T and outside accounts—with the linking tool from U by BB&T®.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to the demo for Linking Accounts, the tool that lets you sync all of your outside accounts with U by BB&T, so you can get a holistic view of your financial picture. If you haven't already enrolled in Plan and Analyze, let's take care of that first. You'll need to agree to some terms and conditions, and it will guide you through the set-up process. 


OK. Ready to link your accounts? Let's get started. Once you've enrolled, you can link accounts in a few different areas. This Link Accounts button will appear on all the Plan and Analyze screens and the All Account screen. Or on your dashboard, you can just do this: In Link Accounts, enter the name of the financial institution you want to add, and enter your user ID and password for that account. 


You can add accounts from just about anywhere—other banks, investments, credit cards, loans, real estate. You can even add your reward accounts. You'll get a confirmation screen listing the accounts once they're added. Just one thing to point out, this whole process is secure. Your personal information is always kept confidential and never sold with all the data encrypted according to top industry standards. 

And that's it. Your accounts are linked. The next step in Plan and Analyze is to categorize your transactions. Be sure to check out that demo next.

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