U by BB&T: Spending Analysis

U Plan & Analyze: Spending

Learn more about the spending analysis tool from U by BB&T®.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to the demo for Spending Analysis, the tool that helps you answer the sometimes scary question, where is my money going? If you haven't already accurately categorized your transactions, make sure to check out that demo. OK, ready to analyze your spending? Let's get started.

To begin, there are a few ways to get to the spending screen. If you have the tile on your dashboard, you can just click right here. Or you can navigate to the top menu and it's right here under plan and analyze. Here's the spending page, two main sections, a six month overview of your spending, and your month by month breakdown on top. And your top expenses for the month on the bottom. To see more details per month, simply select the month you want to view.

You'll see a pie chart broken down to your top categories. To analyze further, you can select the time frame you want. Do all accounts or specific account groups and use filter categories to exclude the categories you don't want to see in your analysis. Want to see your income? Change from expense analysis to income analysis view, easy and that's it, you've analyzed your spending. The next step in plan and analyze is to create a budget.

Be sure to check out that demo next.

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