Our Graduates

Leadership Development Program graduates are trained to understand the financial needs and challenges of our clients - not just to sell products.

Upon completion of the program, Associates relocate within the organization and go on to make a difference at BB&T.


Concentration Area: Business Banking

After I graduated from my MBA program, I knew that I wanted a career in banking. I looked at a number of financial institutions, but preferred the program offered by BB&T due to the organization (which is built on values that I personally share), classroom curriculum and on-the-job training. The location and placement opportunities upon graduation throughout the southeast was an added bonus!

The program exceeded my expectations. The classroom education gave me the knowledge and skills to perform in my role immediately. My favorite part of the program was the case studies, which provided me the opportunity to test what I had learned and apply it in a real-world situation. I was able to evaluate client relationships and credit requests, and get feedback similar to what I would hear once in the field. These case studies reinforced my belief in my capabilities and gave me confidence that I would succeed in my position.


Concentration Area: Business Banking

"The Leadership Development Program exceeded my expectations. My primary objective for the program was to develop the skills necessary to evaluate and underwrite credit risk. Through classes, case studies and discussions with management, I was able to make an immediate contribution in my first position as a Business Services Officer. The exposure to executive management was instrumental in achieving an in-depth view of the culture, spirit and values that drive BB&T to continue to be a leader among the most successful financial institutions in the country."


Concentration Area: Retail Banking

"The LDP is an ideal environment if you want to pursue a lifelong career at BB&T. The program provides a safe learning place in which to acquire and practice new skills that you will need to develop expertise in your field.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had so many opportunities to spend time learning from executive management. As an LDP Associate, I probably spent more time with executive management than other BB&T employees do throughout their careers. The LDP is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that deserves serious consideration for those interested in pursuing a career in financial services."


Concentration Area: Business Banking

"One of the main reasons I choose the BB&T Leadership Development Program was that I wanted to jumpstart my career. I knew the program would be challenging; however, I did not realize all the different aspects of banking I would encounter.

The LDP far surpassed my expectations and made it clear that we are not just a bank that gives loans - we form relationship with clients and help them achieve economic success and financial security. The program also instilled the importance of the perfect client experience as well as the core values that provide the foundation for success at BB&T.

In addition to my mentor, who has been instrumental in my development, I have been tremendously impressed by the ongoing support I continue to receive from my co-workers and managers. They are always readily available to offer advice and talk through issues with me. "


Concentration Area: Retail Banking

"I interviewed with all the major banks after graduating with my MBA, but I felt an instant connection with BB&T based on its mission and values. The program exceeded my expectations and equipped me to be able to exit the program and hit the ground running. The mix of classroom and on-the-job training allowed me to test my knowledge in the real world while fine-tuning my skills and experiences in a training environment.

I formed very close relationships with Associates in my class. I still keep in touch with them, and seek their guidance on matters within their areas of expertise. Today, I serve as a mentor for the Leadership Development Program. I enjoy talking to the Associates about the challenges they face, and celebrate their successes as if they were my own. "


Concentration Area: Corporate-Audit

"I had the opportunity to gain exposure to the different lines of business within the organization, which proved to be invaluable. I also was able to see a little bit of everything within the bank and, at the same time, get adjusted to some of the coming changes in the industry. My current position requires that I audit various areas of the bank, and the experience I obtained through the LDP gave me a much better understanding of the inner-workings at BB&T.

I can't say enough about my mentor, who is also a manager within my department. His guidance has helped me immeasurably in dealing with various situations that I encounter on an everyday basis."


Concentration Area: Corporate-Human Systems

I signed up for an interview for the Leadership Development Program at my college campus. The corporate culture and the opportunities afforded to college graduates were impressive, and I could tell that LDP was an elite program that valued its Associates.

The LDP provided me the opportunity to develop the knowledge base and skills necessary to succeed in my chosen career of Human Resources. I was able to participate in on-the-job training and "shadow" individuals throughout the bank. My interaction with other positions and areas of the bank developed a deeper understanding of others' responsibilities, and helped me to become a better recruiter."


Concentration Area: Mortgage Lending Administration

"The LDP exceeded my expectations in terms of exposure to the core values and strategic objectives at BB&T at various levels of its operations. The Corporate Concentration provided me with knowledge about additional bank products that may be appropriate for new clients acquiring mortgages from BB&T. I also gained valuable insight into the process of underwriting, processing and closing a mortgage loan.

The on-the-job training and learning from peers with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds was extremely beneficial. Each project was very competitive and enjoyable, and I continue to work with select Mortgage Lending Officers on improving our mortgage lending pricing model."

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