Small Business Online Banking

To make a wire transfer, select Payments & Transfers from the top menu.

Select Make a Payment.

Select Same Business Day (Wire Transfer).

Select the Type of wire transfer you want to make, domestic or international.

Select the wire recipient.

Tip: Enter the first few letters of the recipient name to quickly find the recipient.

If the recipient is not listed, click New Recipient.

Select the business deposit account that you would like to make the wire from.

Enter the Amount you want to transfer.

Tip: For your convenience, the actual balance available for wire transfer is shown in real time.

Because only guaranteed funds can be used for wire transfers, this amount can be different from your available account balance.

Use the calendar to select the Send On date.

Enter any reference information in the Memo Lines. Any information entered will travel with the wire transfer.

Tip: In the Memo Lines, enter reference information such as goods or services rendered, beneficiary bank information and account information.

Enter additional account information if needed, such as your Intermediary Bank ABA Routing Number or your SWIFT BIC number.

When finished, click Review.

Tip: The intermediary bank routing number is only required if the recipient's bank receives wire transfers through an intermediary bank.

Review your transfer information, and then authorize your transfer by selecting one of your registered telephone numbers and clicking Call Now.

Click Call Completed when you have finished authorizing the transfer request.


You have successfully completed a wire transfer!