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Treasury CD

Enjoy the convenience of making deposits at any time and withdrawing funds once a month with no penalty. With a variable rate tied to the US Treasury Bill, this CD provides easy access to your funds.


This CD has a term of six months.
  • Additional $100 deposits allowed at any time
  • One no-penalty withdrawal allowed each month

Minimum to Open



Interest rate will be no less than one percent below the discount rate of the preceding month's last auction of the US Treasury Bill with a maturity of three months.

  • Compounded daily on collected balances for CDs less than $100,000
  • Simple interest on collected balances on CDs of $100,000 or more
  • Interest accrues on all additional deposits at the same rate and APY1 as the original deposit
  • Interest will accrue on all additional deposits at the same rate and APY1 as the account at the time of the additional deposit

Account Benefits

A Simple, Easy Way to Save

  • No monthly fees
  • Automatic renewal
  • May be pledged as loan collateral

Convenient Grace Periods

  • During a grace period at renewal, you may negotiate a new term or rate. You may also adjust your account balance.
  • If no adjustments are made at grace period, your CD continues to grow at the interest rate and annual percentage yield in effect on the date of renewal.

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