Savings Accounts

"I am very pleased with BB&T and have referred at least 20 coworkers to switch."
—Jaclyn, Virginia
"I was most impressed with the speed of the online process."
- Lora, Kentucky
"It was very easy to open a new account. The process was quick and simple."
- Sherry, North Carolina
"That was the best online application process I've experienced. I had no question unanswered."
- Erica, Virginia
"Thank you so much for giving me so many options online!"
- Kelly, Kentucky
"I honestly feel this was the greatest online application I have ever used for anything."
- Amira, Georgia
"I love banking with BB&T! I can do all of my banking with just the click of a button."
- Jaclyn, Virginia
"I look forward to using the online bill payment!"
—Lora, Kentucky
"There should be more BB&Ts so I can tell everyone about their marvelous online experience."
—Erica, Virginia
"I was really surprised with the level of security."
—Amira, Georgia
"I wish I had opened this account sooner. Thank you. It was so easy and convenient."
—Gloria, Virginia
"Wow! BB&T saved me time and gasoline."
—Kelly, Kentucky

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BB&T eSavings

A savings account available exclusively online that comes with:
0.05% APY 1

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Unlimited withdrawals and transfers at BB&T financial centers and ATMs

Investor's Deposit Account

A money market account with:
  • $10,000 minimum balance requirement
  • Tiered interest rates
  • Check-writing ability
  • Unlimited withdrawals and transfers at BB&T financial centers and ATMs

529 Savings

A tax-advantaged, FDIC-insured college savings account with:
  • Competitive tiered interest rates
  • Earnings grow free from federal income tax
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Tax deductions available in some states2

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