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Centralized Returns

Centralized Returns services consolidates all of your business’ returned checks into your designated BB&T account, even if your business uses multiple depository banks nationwide. As a result, all returned deposited items can be promptly delivered to you or to your designated collection agent, accelerating the collection process. This system is also designed to provide enhanced coordination of fraud control procedures and reduced return item expense.


Centralized Returns

Reduces Costs
  • Reduced return item expense
  • Improved funds availability
  • Increased rate of collection on returned items

Saves Time

  • Reduced time spent on reconciliation
  • Accelerated collection process—all unpaid returns are promptly delivered
Enhances Security
  • Enhanced fraud control
  • Unique endorsement on checks designates items to be returned through BB&T
  • Consistent, standardized information regardless of initial bank of deposit

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