Understanding Fees

Learn About Fees

Understand overdraft and other fees and learn how you can avoid them.

What are overdrafts and returned items?
What is overdraft review?
How does BB&T decide whether to pay an overdraft item?
How does overdraft review work for consumer accounts?
How does overdraft review work for business accounts?
Who is responsible when my account is overdrawn?

It is your responsibility to know when your account is overdrawn and to immediately repay BB&T or deposit sufficient funds into your account to cover the overdraft and any related fees. As a courtesy to you, BB&T will notify you by mail when an overdraft occurs. We recommend also signing up for BB&T Online® banking to monitor your account balance 24/7. Through BB&T Online you can also enroll in alerts, and get notified via email or text message about overdrafts and other important account activity.

Unresolved overdrafts may result in additional overdraft activity and related fees as permitted by state law.

What is an ATM fee?
Is there a fee for calling BB&T Phone24?
What are monthly maintenance fees?
What are transaction activity fees? (for business clients only)
What is an uncollected funds charge? (for business clients only)
What are employee check cashing fees? (for business clients only)

Avoiding Fees

Learn about what you can do to protect and monitor your accounts and avoid fees.

What is overdraft protection?
What overdraft protection options are available?

Available overdraft protection1 options include:

Personal Account Options:

Business Account Options:

Each time funds are automatically transferred from your overdraft protection account to your checking account, an automatic overdraft protection transfer fee will apply. To avoid the transfer fee, transfer funds from your overdraft protection account to your checking account before an overdraft occurs.

1Overdraft protection is an available service. Interest or finance charges apply for funds transferred from BB&T constant credit accounts, BB&T Visa® Platinum credit cards and BB&T Home Equity Line of Credit. However, you can minimize these charges by quickly paying off the transferred balances.

2Account balance in your BB&T eSavings, Money Rate Savings or Investor's Deposit Account may not always reflect the amount of available funds for debit card purchases presented for authorization.

3Subject to credit approval.

4Credit cards subject to credit approval.
5Loans subject to credit approval. Equal Housing Lender Equal Housing Lender

What does BB&T offer to help me monitor my accounts more closely?

Understanding Deposits and Balances

Know how and when BB&T makes funds available to you and what the different terms for "balance" mean.

After I make a deposit when are the funds available?
What is the business day cut-off time?
Are my funds always available according to this schedule?
What is available balance?
What is Posted Balance?
What are pending transactions?

Use online banking and mobile banking to monitor your accounts. Add in Alerts to receive account notifications that can help you avoid fees.