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Managed Money Accounts

If you don’t have the expertise, time or desire to manage your own investments, then a Managed Money Account could be the right solution for you.

You’ll get a deliberate, tactical plan for building wealth and benefit from the same investment options afforded to larger investors.

Professional Guidance

When you open a Managed Money Account, a BB&T Investment Services, Inc. Investment Counselor will work with you to consider:

  • Your financial goals and personal priorities
  • The amount of money you want to invest
  • Your investment time horizon
  • The amount of risk you are willing to tolerate
  • Your needs for asset liquidity

We’ll also provide strategic, personalized guidance to connect you with Curian, SEI or Sterling Capital—a select few recognized asset management firms in the industry.

Low Investment Minimum and Fees

You can get started in a Managed Money Account with a $50,000 minimum investment, and you’ll pay a low annualized management fee.

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