Choosing a House

Looking for your first home is a big step and can
seem overwhelming. You may not know where to start. Here are a few tips to guide your search:

  • Take time to determine what you really
    want in your home. Internet home
    searches can show you a variety of house photos and descriptions so you can start developing a list of criteria for your search.
  • Be clear with your real estate agent about what you want in a house and how much you'll spend. That will narrow your search so you can focus on homes that really fit your needs.
  • Your initial impression of the house is important. For homes that have potential, take some notes and photos. Immediately after leaving, rate the home on a scale of 1 to 10. Later, you can review your favorites and determine which ones are worth seeing a second time.
  • It is possible to find the perfect house on the first home tour with your real estate agent and realize that this is the home that fits your needs best. However, you will probably want to see other homes to solidify your decision.

First-Time Home Buyer

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