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QuickBooks® gives you more time to run your business while it handles the routine tasks of creating estimates and invoices and paying bills.

QuickBooks lets you know where your business stands financially, helps you make better business decisions and keeps you prepared for tax time.

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  • Choose from the most popular 2012 through 2014 versions.
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QuickBooks comes in customized versions to meet your individual needs when managing your finances.

  • QuickBooks Premier Edition
    Comes with industry-specific and business planning tools tailored to your business type. Save time on routine tasks, monitor business performance and manage payables and receivables.

  • QuickBooks Pro Edition
    Makes accounting easy with tools to organize your finances all in one place. Complete tasks like payroll, invoicing, bill tracking and check writing. Track sales and expenses, and easily share this data with Microsoft Word and Excel. With QuickBooks Pro, you'll spend less time on routine tasks and more time on business.

  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
    QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has the capabilities and flexibility to meet the unique needs of your business—at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Getting Started

What you need to get started:

  • QuickBooks Windows or QuickBooks Mac installed on your computer.1 Your online banking account will work with versions 2012 through 2014.
  • Your User ID and Password for your online banking account. If you are not already using online banking, enroll now.
  • Monthly access fee: $14.95

QuickBooks Getting Started Guides

Direct Connect is used for accessing your account information directly through your QuickBooks software. To begin accessing your account information using Direct Connect, you must first set up your account(s) in QuickBooks. Refer to Intuit's User Guide for instructions specific to your version of QuickBooks for creating accounts and enabling them for Direct Connect access.

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To use QuickBooks, first enroll in online banking.

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