Developing Your Customized Financial Plan

4 Steps to Your Financial Future

A simple conversation is all it takes to begin developing a strong financial plan. Learn how our financial advisors take a customized approach to establishing and managing your investment, retirement & estate planning goals.
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As a BB&T Wealth client, you’ll have access to a dedicated, trusted advisor and the full complement of our financial resources—from personal banking to retirement planning and investing to more advanced financial instruments for taxes, estate planning, business succession and much more.

Our four-step approach begins with an in-depth conversation and results in a living plan that grows and matures as your financial needs and objectives change.

Step 1. Assess Your Needs
First things first. We’ll take the time to fully understand your current situation, your goals for the future, the people and causes you care about and the way you want to use your assets.

You’ll find Step 1 to be the polar opposite of a fill-in-the-blank approach to information gathering. This is where our trust-based partnership begins, and we believe it’s vital to the results we can achieve for you.

A Word About Fees

Once your advisor has gathered enough information to make an initial assessment, he or she will give you a fully transparent explanation of any fees that may be involved in structuring and implementing your financial plan.

Above all, your advisor is committed to providing you with the most personalized, comprehensive and impartial plan possible.

Impartiality is key to the success of any financial plan, not only as it relates to the integrity of the plan itself, but also in terms of fees. Our recommendations are always made in your best interest.

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Step 2. Structure Your Plan
Based on the in-depth information you share with us, we will structure a highly detailed, comprehensive financial strategy that integrates all of the financial services at our disposal.

Step 3. Assemble Your Team
Does your lender communicate with your insurance agent? Do either one of them talk with your tax preparer? And why is that important?

BB&T advisors connect every component of your financial life—retirement, investments, insurance, trusts, mortgages, taxes and estate planning. They know that changes in one area may impact other areas.

That’s why we believe so strongly in a team approach with a separate advisory team member for each financial component. You’ll work with a single advisor who serves as your main point of contact and ensures that communication flows smoothly between you and the other members of the advisory team. Individual members of the team are also available to meet with you at your request.

Advisory Team

Your BB&T advisor will select team members based on your current needs. As your situation changes over time, it’s easy to make any necessary adjustments to your team.

Step 4.  Monitor Your Results
We’re interested in a long-term commitment with you. That’s why we will continuously monitor your plan’s performance, make necessary adjustments and meet with you on a regular basis.

BB&T understands how important it is for you to be able to weather market volatility and still reach your long-term goals. Along the way, we’ll keep you informed of regulatory changes, technological developments and innovative financial strategies. We’ll stay in close touch and recommend updates as needed.

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