Discover the value of the BB&T Vantage Investor's Deposit Account.

Vantage Investor’s Deposit Account

Looking for premium rates, liquidity and easy access to funds? Consider the value and versatility of the BB&T Vantage® Investor’s Deposit Account.

Exclusive Benefits for BB&T Wealth Clients
With a minimum opening deposit of $25,000, you can establish your BB&T Vantage Investor’s Deposit Account (IDA) and take advantage of tiered interest rates that are compounded daily.

When you link your BB&T Vantage IDA to a BB&T Vantage checking account, you can:

  • Designate your Vantage IDA to provide overdraft protection1 for your checking account
  • Set up preauthorized transfers of designated amounts between checking and your Vantage IDA on a regular basis
  • Structure your Vantage Asset Management Account so that your Vantage IDA serves as the primary source to maintain your minimum and maximum thresholds in your checking account

Extra advantages:

  • Earn interest with no minimum balance required
  • Pay no monthly fee when you maintain at least $25,000 in the account
  • Access funds directly from your Vantage IDA with special checks2
  • Use your Vantage IDA as collateral for a loan


More Benefits for Wealth Clients

Enjoy even more perks—all included in the Vantage Suite of Services.

Vantage Extras

  • Bonus rates on CDs and IRAs
  • Tiered interest rates on your checking account
  • Preferred rates on home equity lines of credit3
  • Preferred rates on auto loans3
  • Additional discount on Discount Brokerage stock trades

Banking with BB&T

  • Mobile check deposit4
  • BB&T Alerts4

To learn more about the Vantage Investor’s Deposit Account or the entire Vantage Suite of Services from BB&T, contact an advisor or call us at 800-228-9798.


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