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BB&T Merchant Services has grown with our clients from the days of paper-based processing through today's electronic payment processing systems.

We have the latest technologies to meet your business needs—whether you want to revisit your options with us as a current client, or are interested in partnering with us for the first time.

Transform your tablet or iPad® into a flexible, convenient modern-day cash register while leveraging a powerful business-management solution. BB&T has a comprehensive, affordable, cloud-based tablet point-of-sale solution for retail businesses. Streamline your operations and access important business data including sales, inventory and profitability insight anytime, anywhere.

  • Free Integrated customer loyalty
  • Schedule and manage employee hours
  • Track customer appointments and view purchase history
  • Convenient access to more than 50 analytic and sales reports
  • Sophisticated financial reporting including QuickBooks® data integration
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage multiple stores
  • Accept EMV chip cards
  • Capture electronic signature and email receipts
  • Quick and easy setup

For added security, all transactions are stored in the cloud.

EMV chip cards have been widely and rapidly adopted. You need to ensure optimal processing security for your customers, and protect your business from damaging fraud losses. Our terminals can accept EMV chip cards along with mobile wallet technologies such as Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Google PayTM.

Contactless payments are made without having to insert or swipe a card with a terminal. They are made with contactless cards or smart devices that contain an integrated chip or antennae. Smart devices containing a NFC chip use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to complete a transaction through secure communication with a terminal.

Our terminals have the ability to accept contactless payments, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. NFC payment technology is expected to become the new standard for mobile transactions. With BB&T, you can enhance your payment acceptance options as your customers continue to adopt this new technology.

With BB&T mobile processing solutions, you can take your business wherever you want to go using just an Apple® iOS or Android® device and card reader. Our options include:

  • Flat rate for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® card processing
  • A virtual terminal
  • Email invoicing
  • Set up in as few as 10 minutes for some solutions

BB&T Merchant Insights is a new solution designed to help simplify, grow and protect your business. With BB&T Merchant Insights, you can track trends and respond to changes in online reputation websites such as Yelp®, TripAdvisor® and Facebook®. You can also compare your revenue numbers to similar business types and generate dozens of customizable reports to show trends over time.

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