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BB&T Association Services offers operating and reserve accounts, CDs, and additional insurance coverage for large deposits through the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS®) Network. A variety of terms allows you to manage your association funds.

  • Deposit your funds securely
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Maximize earnings with interest on your reserve deposits

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Are you collecting homeowner association fees or managing a community association? BB&T offers deposit and lockbox services for community associations like yours.

Collect payments and deposit the funds into operating and reserve accounts maintained by your association with the following benefits:

  • No monthly service charges
  • No minimum balance requirements

Whether you are a property manager or board member of a homeowners association, BB&T understands the unique needs of our association clients. This includes preserving your reserve funds while maximizing your earnings potential.

With BB&T, you'll get competitive rates and rest easy with FDIC-insured deposits.


  • Association Services Money Market Savings Account – Combine liquidity and safety with this interest-bearing account.
  • CDs – BB&T offers a variety of CDs with competitive rates.
  • CDARS – Gain access to additional FDIC insurance for large deposits.

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