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BB&T Association Services is one of the top providers of lockbox services to associations. We offer customized, user-friendly systems in both coupon printing and Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination.

  • Accelerate daily collections
  • Streamline remittance processing
  • Reduce errors

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BB&T Web Vault lets you manage your homeowner's association payments from one centralized location online.

Manage Payment Processing

  • Download payment activity files and reports.
  • Search and view payment transaction images.
  • View unit information on record with bank.
  • Add or cancel a coupon stop payment.
  • Cancel association pay.

Manage Coupons

  • Place coupon orders and approve coupon order proofs.
  • View and track coupon orders.
  • Print statements on demand.

Manage Account Maintenance Requests

  • Download maintenance request forms.
  • Submit new account and account maintenance requests.

Reduce the time it takes to process assessment payments and gain quicker access to your funds. How it works:

  • Association members use customized coupons to mail their payments to a pre-assigned post office box.
  • BB&T receives, processes and deposits these payments into the appropriate association account.

Additional Features:

  • Transmission Services. Daily electronic files list details for all the payments BB&T receives and eliminate the need for manual posting. You can also download and print transaction reports.
  • Coupon Stop Payment Program. This automated program prevents future payments from posting to the association's account.

BB&T provides two options for homeowner's association coupons:

  • Coupon Books are customized, preprinted coupon books for easy payment processing.
  • Statements are an alternative to a coupon book, provide your homeowners with a standard 8½ x 11 statement, which includes a tear-off coupon at the bottom for the homeowner to return payment. A return envelope, ACH enrollment form and outer mailing envelope is included with each statement.

This automatic-draft option saves you and your homeowners time, postage and paper. It's the automatic way to make association maintenance payments.

Association pay collects homeowners' maintenance payments directly from their US bank accounts.

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about making payments to BB&T Association Services.

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